WATCH: Sister gives baby brother a ‘thug makeover’

WATCH: Sister gives baby brother a ‘thug makeover’

A mother was left in stiches after her daughter gave a temporary tattoo to her baby brother.


They say that you shouldn’t leave kids alone for too long – and this was most certainly the case for one family as a mother was left in stiches after discovering that her daughter had given her baby brother a ‘thug makeover’ with a temporary tattoo on his forehead.

The hilarious clip was uploaded onto TikTok where it has been viewed over 10-million times.

In the video, mom Jordan is heard asking her daughter, Joanna, who proudly displays a number of tattoos, "What are you doing?"

Joanna nonchalantly responds: "I'm putting tattoos on Mr Halen."

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The video shows Joanna holding a wet towel on her brother Halen’s head as she applies the tattoo. Jordan can’t keep her composure and starts laughing. "Halen, do you have any idea of what's going on?" she says in the clip. Halen, having the time of his life, cracks a smile and remains blissfully unaware of what is going on around him.

"Oh my god, it's a big one," Jordan says as Joanna removes the towel and exposes the tattoo. "Should I put on some more?" Joanna asks before her mom stops her from her shenanigans.


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Jordan can’t stop laughing as Joanna removes the film exposing a massive bunch of flowers on her brother’s head.

The father then steps in and jokes that the tattoo "takes up like ten per cent of his body." He asks: "Joanna, didn't mommy tell you that the other one was the last one?" to which the youngster cheekily responds "Yes...for me."

Naturally, the sweet moment left the internet in stiches. "He didn't choose the thug life, his sister chose it for him," one user commented. Another said: "I love her answer "it was the last one for me". That child is learning semantics early." A third added: "A thug makeover, I love it. The other kids will have to watch out at preschool."

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The comments were also flooded with praise for Jordan on the way she handled the situation. "I love that you didn't get upset with her, that was a pretty wholesome moment and they'll laugh in the future about it,” one user said.

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Image courtesy: TikTok

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