WATCH: Shopkeeper saves young girl from potentially being trafficked

WATCH: Shopkeeper saves young girl from potentially being trafficked

Just in the nick of time, the woman saves this young girl...

Woman tries to kidnap young girl in public place
Woman tries to kidnap young girl in public place/TikTok Screenshot/@user8199831300376

We have seen many videos online that have been made to make parents aware of how easily your child can be taken away. 

It doesn't take a lot to influence a child, but then it also doesn't take a lot to kidnap a child, whether people are looking or not. 

In many cases, it is in a crowd that children go missing, and the nap is done so seamlessly that no one even notices. 

But not this woman. As we watch a video that has been shared on many online platforms, we notice a young girl buying something at a street side shop. 

In the video, you can see another lady lurking in the background. At first, she acts like she is on her phone, but her attention is clearly on the young girl. 

Immediately, we get chills because it just doesn't feel right. And then as the shopkeeper, who is also female, walks off to get something for the young girl, the stranger danger lady approaches the young girl. 

She says something to the young girl and even touches her hair. The young girl senses that she is bad and moves away. 

The shopkeeper returns and the stranger danger lady moves away slyly. Then we see a car in the background. 

As the young girl gets ready to leave after making her purchases, it seems like the lady was ready to snatch her. The vehicle door was left open and the shopkeeper begins to walk away from her post...

And then this happened. WATCH below, courtesy of TikTok


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Did you notice that the stranger danger woman got into the car? How scary was that? 

And to think that so many parents let their kids walk to nearby shops alone. This was not in South Africa, but things like this are happening all around the world. 

Once your child or a loved one is taken, it can be so difficult to get them back. So be aware and educate your kids about strangers and how to deal with things if they are ever in a similar situation. 

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