WATCH: Meet 'Carol Blanche' investigating 'Piet' and the saga around the 10 babies

WATCH: Meet 'Carol Blanche' investigating 'Piet' and the Tembisa 10

In light of the woman in Tembisa who gave birth to 10 babies, Carol Ofori digs deeper in true journo style and then 'Carol Blanche' is born...

WATCH: Meet 'Carol Blanche' as she investigates the truth behind Piet and the Tembisa 10
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Carol Ofori and the team have been inspired by the mother in Tembisa who has allegedly given birth to 10 babies. The whole country is excited about the story and the 37-year-old woman earning a spot in the Guinness World Record

Gosiame Thamara Sithole is allegedly the new mother to 10 and yet somehow no one has seen the babies. Also, there is no record of any hospital birthing these babies.

We thought what better way to celebrate her story or the reporter's story, in this case, than by creating a parody based on one of our favorite investigative shows - 'Carte Blanche'. 

We love looking at things from a fresh and funny perspective so without further ado, watch the first episode and Carol Blanche's debut...

Thank you for the love @CarteBlanche - we are honoured. 

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