WATCH: Friendly elephant wants to cuddle with safari guests

WATCH: Friendly elephant wants to cuddle with safari guests

What would you do if you were in this position?

Elephant with tusks walking up to safari van
Elephant with tusks walking up to safari van/Facebook Screenshot/@magazinemlp

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It's not often that you get to see a larger-than-life wild animal up close and personal...

And some might say that it is an opportunity that you should embrace, especially if that animal is an elephant. 

Because just like Bagheera said in 'The Jungle Book', the elephants created the jungle, but they did not create man.

"The elephants created this jungle. Where they made furrows with their tusks the rivers ran. Where they blew their trunks the leaves fell. They made all that belongs: the mountains, the trees, the birds in the trees. But they did not make you.” (Jungle Book Movie)

In the video above (courtesy of Facebook), we see an elephant approach a group of tourists seated in a safari van. 

As he approaches the van, one of the tourists asks the driver is they should perhaps be moving away. 

The reason for this query is because elephants have been known to be destructive in some cases. We don't think they set out to be harmful, but we must understand that the laws of the wild are different. 

Perhaps they look at us as danger, as some look at them in the same manner?

They, of course, do not move. We assume any sudden movement may have warranted an unwanted reaction from the big guy, so the guide opted to stay put. 

Which saw the elephant coming through and engaging with the tourists. 

Seeing the playful side of this majestic animal surely does leave our hearts joyful. 

It also entices us to take advantage of some of the great places to visit in KZN this festive season. 

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