WATCH: Eight-year-old Gabriela from Newlands wows the internet with her free-hand painting

WATCH: Eight-year-old Gabriela from Newlands wows the internet with her free-hand painting

A youthful and bright painting drawn by an eight-year-old leaves us appreciating our local talent...

WATCH: 8-year-old Gabriela from Newlands wows the internet with her free-hand painting

Art is something that we love to do, especially with the kids. It is both calming and can be such a wonderful outlet for our creativity. The main thing is always, always about having fun. 

However, art means something different for everyone. For some it may be an outlet while for others it is their talent, their gift to humanity, their passion. When you discover your gift at a young age, it can be both inspiring to others and also uplifting to your community. Any way that we can consume more beauty in this world, we are willing to take it with both hands, and both feet...

This was the case for eight-year-old Gabriela Chetty who painted a beautiful piece of artwork that depicted a butterfly in the shape of Africa. Local comedian Cyril Basker posted on his Facebook page last week that he had joked with Gabriela to paint him something...

And, of course, the talented young lady took him up on the challenge and created a painting as a gift to him. But the 'wow' part of this all is the fact that she painted it free-hand. Take a look at the video he posted to his page from Gabriela...

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Facebook): 

Cyril told IOL: "She asked what painting you want? so I Googled a picture, she looked at it and said that’s pretty (It was a butterfly with Africa wings); then I went about my day and a week later I get a picture of it.

"First I could not believe it and then I was shocked that she had painted it free hand. She just had to look at the picture and then she painted it. I will forever treasure this painting because it was done by her and Gabriella is now my favourite art painter. She is so amazing and I pray to see her painting one day in art galleries around the world." 

Gabriela's mother, Talia Gilbert, shared that her daughter had a knack for drawing from a very young age. She has consequently sent Gabriela for private art classes so that she can develop her skills. 

We love the fact that she is doing something that helps her express herself. It just goes to show that when we concentrate on harnessing the talents amongst our children, the benefits can be limitless. 

On that note, check out this amazing piece of art that Carol Ofori did with her son. We love the innocence that she displayed here, it shows the kid in all of us...

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