WATCH: Darren Thomas, the hero in the wheelchair who saved his Rottweiler from drowning

WATCH: Darren Thomas, the hero in the wheelchair who saved his Rottweiler from drowning

A beautiful story this Thankful Tuesday that shows us that anything is possible...

WATCH: Darren Thomas, the hero on the wheelchair that saved his Rottweiler from drowning
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Life can be unpredictable, but maybe that's just life's way of pushing you to find your limits, which could also be considered your strengths...

This story can definitely be one such example. Darren Thomas, a family man with a love for animals, shared his story on Facebook and it got us thinking about what our bodies are capable of when we are in rescue/survival/protector mode...

Darren Thomas is a 40-year-old director of a security business that offers solutions to the domestic, corporate, and retail environment. He was shot point blank and stabbed in a house robbery at his parents home 14 years ago, which left him as a paraplegic.

Prior to being shot, he played rugby for the Lions 7s side and even went to the South African Championship for kickboxing, and you could find him at the gym every other day. 

After hearing Darren's story, it really shook up a sense of gratitude. So often, we use what life throws at us as a reason for not being able to live a full life. But this man, he pushes through daily and we wanted to dedicate our Thankful Tuesday to him. 

He could've easily used his circumstance and say he can't, but when he was home alone two weeks ago and his 50kg Rottweiler fell into the pool, his fast thinking saved the day.  

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Facebook:

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