WATCH: Cute cat videos are still a thing on the internet

WATCH: Cute cat videos are still a thing on the internet

A cat video is doing the rounds on social media and we are wondering, what's the big deal?

WATCH: Cute cat videos are still a thing on the internet, check this one out!
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We can't say emphatically that we are cat lovers, but we have to admit that all animals have their own sense of cuteness. Sometimes just capturing them doing the cutest of things is what gets people feeling happy. 

According to an online source, watching cute animal videos can actually lift your mood and also help build your levels of resilience up against stress. 

"A study led by James McNulty of Florida State University found that cute animal photos could be used to improve marital satisfaction." (Very Well Mind)

In saying that, we found out that a cute cat video that was posted just two days ago has been leaving people feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in delight. 

A video that was posted on Instagram and was created by the user, when_bella_met_mo, has been receiving a great deal of attention online. It was posted for the weekend saying, "We are rolling into the weekend with Bella (@when_bella_met_mo), a 2-year-old British shorthair who has found her happy place. #WeeklyFluff" (Instagram)

Take a look at the video below (courtesy of Instagram): 

Clearly it wasn't just Bella who found her happy place, but also many people because the video has gained over 11-million views and over 18,000 comments - some of which reveal that it is clear what people are feeling when they watch 'cute' cat videos. 

Send us your cute pet videos so we can post them on our pages. Think of it this way, you will be helping people reduce their stress and anxiety in a big way. Do your bit for society and share your videos with us on our social media handles.

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