Vehicle filled with bullet holes parked in Cornubia parking lot

Vehicle filled with bullet holes parked in Cornubia parking lot

What stories could this car tell...

Man standing on a parking lot alone
Man standing on a parking lot alone/Pexels

Crime is an inevitable factor regardless of where you live in the world. But somehow it never gets easy seeing the aftermath. 

A vehicle that was left parked at a parking lot in Cornubia was discovered on Tuesday evening this week. 

Let's just say that when you see a car with bullet holes, abandoned or not, it isn't an inviting welcome to go look inside. 

After Marshall reaction officers received the call of the unoccupied bullet-riddled vehicle, they went to check it out. 

Although the circumstances leading up to the incident is unclear, they did mention that they received some info on the scene. 

"It was alleged that the driver of the vehicle came under fire from unknown assailants as he was driving on a road near a taxi rank." (IOL)

It's funny how even though we know that crime exists and perhaps almost everyone has been a victim at some point or the other, it still shocks us when we hear about stories such as these. 

Allegedly the man was a taxi driver who was gunned down, and he drove to the parking in Cornubia and jumped into another vehicle. 

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According to the Mercury on Monday, a man was shot multiple times and declared dead. He was found around Walter Reid Road in oThangathi.

Whether or not this the same man who was driving the abandoned car has not been determined yet. 

Sadly, people lose their lives daily over things that we know nothing of. Whether that is due to taxi violence, mob mentality, gender-based violence or a robbery, the aftermath always leaves a stain. 

Here's hoping that the culprits are brought to justice. 

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