Ugandan runner making his way from Cape Town to London on foot

Ugandan runner making his way from Cape Town to London on foot

Deo Kato is running for racial justice and to tell the story of human migration. 

Man kneeling on one knee at the Hwange National Park
Man kneeling on one knee at the Hwange National Park/TikTok Screenshot/@deoruns

There are few people in this world who believe so stringently in a cause that they commit to something extraordinary. 

But when we come across someone with that kind of passion, we feel inspired to share their story. 

One man who made many headlines a few months back is Deo Kato. Kato is a trail runner and running coach and he embarked on a run from Cape Town to London. 

"The London-based trail runner is running 14 570 km in 381 days. The journey will cover two continents and 16 countries." (IOL)

His journey is important because it comes with a great cause. One that speaks to the history of human migration and, more importantly, the science behind the first humans on Earth.

He started his journey in Cape Town on July 24 and is currently on day 73, passing through Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. 

Have a look at day 73 below, courtesy of TikTok.

@deoruns Day 73 running through Hwange National Park. Running from Cape Town to London #projectcapetowntolondon #RunningforJustice #africa #Zimbabwe #381Days #Ugandan #humanmigration ♬ original sound - Deo

"Science has proven the first humans that ever walked on Earth were from Africa. It’s necessary to tell this story. It’s about showing that everybody who lives on this planet comes from Africa, and even though our skin colour is different, we’re all the same and that we all stem from the same place." (IOL)

It is not Kato's first run for a cause. In 2020, he committed to running 10km a day for 381 days after George Floyd was murdered in the US. 

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In case you were wondering why 381 days, this had us intrigued too, and so, Kato explains it perfectly below. 

We love how he connects his passion of running with causes that stand up for someone or something that matters to him. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@deoruns My aim is to inspire the next generation of young to show them that with persistence anything is possible. Nothing is impossible. 🖤 Link in my bio to listen to the full conversation on the Great British Adventures podcast with @Tom Bryan _ I am running from Cape Town to London to tell the history of Human Migration from Africa to the rest of the World. To support this journey please follow the link to my GoFundMe page. Let's go make history. 🖤 #HumanMigration #RunningforJustice #381Days #Africa #Europe #podcast #greatbritishadventures ♬ original sound - Deo
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