We're sorry! Three eggless recipes for Purtassi and Pitr Paksha

We're sorry! Three eggless recipes for Purtassi and Pitr Paksha

As a Hindu, I often enjoy tea/coffee time treats with my family, and finding eggless recipes can sometimes be challenging. 

Woman preparing crepes on a pan
Woman preparing crepes on a pan/Pexels/@Elina Fairytale

Being a Hindu is so much a part of my character as an individual. I pride myself on my spiritual relationship with God and I have a mix of spiritualism, tradition, culture, and religious practice. 

So, the other day when I made the apocalyptic mistake of not reading through a recipe that I shared on a piece, it left me extremely disappointed in myself. 

Besides the fact that I am Hindu and know that we do not consume eggs during our holy month, it was the fact that I disappointed so many of you by sharing that recipe. 

For that, I apologise immensely and ask that our Hindu community please forgive me. 

As a way of repenting for my mistake, I wanted to share some of my favourite recipes that are eggless. 

The first one is a recipe that I was so happy to find. I love brownies and the fact that the original recipe has eggs, always made me stay away from it. 

But this recipe is both easy and the good part is that you don't feel like you are lacking that crispy top layer. 

Check out the recipe shared on Instagram. The recipe calls for the use of Maida, which is a fine white flour from India, but it can be easily replaced with whole wheat flour. 

Not everyone in my family enjoys sweet treats, so this recipe was both nostalgic for me with a touch of modernity. 

Dosa, which is a very thin pancake without the heavy sugar content, is something I grew up eating. This recipe is a classic twist on what I know Dosa to be. 

This recipe that was shared on Instagram is a firm favourite because it uses Gram flour, which adds that difference in the taste.

And the good thing here is you can literally add or subtract from the add-ons that were included in this recipe. 

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A basic sponge has always been favoured in our home because I come from a tea family. 

Although I am a coffee drinker, I can firmly attest that this 'tea cake' goes well with coffee too. 

I enjoy a bit of citrus, so I would love to add some orange or lemon zest to this recipe. Check the recipe out, courtesy of Instagram

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