#ThoughtfulThursday: A homeless man gets an unbelievable transformation

#ThoughtfulThursday: A homeless man gets an unbelievable transformation

Sometimes it's just about taking the time to talk to someone...

#ThoughtfulThursday: A homeless man gets an unbelievable transformation

When it comes to homelessness, there is one person on Facebook that is moving mountains with his kindness. Bi Phakathi is the faceless hero when it comes to helping people who have been dealt a rough hand. 

He shares content on social media to inspire kindness and to allow people to break through the stereotypes that are associated with homeless people. 

Since certain exposes were done about some homeless people being part of scams and syndicates that prey on people's goodwill, all people who live on the streets have been painted with the same brush. 

Great people have said that exercising kindness is a way of being human. Caring for someone doesn't always mean that you have to give them money, sometimes a simple hello can break the pattern and inspire change. 

Bi Phakathi shares many videos on his social media account of how he helps people who have lost their way in one way or the other. But the one thing that he expresses most eloquently is the fact that sometimes taking the time to listen to someone and council them can be more uplifting than giving someone money. 

Watch the video of him taking the time to help this homeless man regain his confidence. 

Courtesy of Facebook.

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We don't think we could've ended this in a better way than with those wise words from the masked hero. We would like to take time to  explore this every Thursday, share a video that he has shared on his Facebook page as a way to remind ourselves to be thoughtful and kind. 

Because it doesn't cost you anything to be kind and thoughtful...

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