Things South Africans say differently to Americans

Things South Africans say differently to Americans

It's amazing to see how we can speak so differently but still connect...

An Indian South African man being questioned by his wife
An Indian South African man being questioned by his wife/TikTok Screenshot/@spoonfulofjenny

There are things we say as South Africans that only South Africans will understand (well, most of the time, anyway). We have become so scattered worldwide that most people cannot say they don't know a South African. 

In short, we can confidently say that the way we speak is very distinct and unique, and recognising our fellow country's people isn't that difficult. 

However, one thing is certain: just like every country has its unique way of saying things, we, too, have unique ways of saying things. 

Whereas an Englishman or woman might understand our way of speaking, it might not be as easy to transition to American English. 

Feeling comfortable with the way you speak is a crucial ingredient in communication. Being ridiculed or made to feel 'less than' due to your dialect or accent is a form of bullying. 

In a video, a couple from different parts of the world, South Africa and the USA, we see a wife review her South African husband's way of saying things compared to the American way of saying the same things. 

If anything, this couple shows us how we can co-exist with our differences, love is love regardless of how we speak. 

Watch the video below—courtesy of TikTok

@spoonfulofjenny yes i know i didn’t do this trend correctly 🇿🇦 #bru #southafricantiktok #languages ♬ original sound - spoonfulofjenny

We love how this South African man was able to remain neutral in his response about how we say things. There is no right or wrong, it's just different for people from different countries. 

If we are honest, even as South Africans sometimes we don't understand each other in our country. English is not everyone's first language and being open to people's accents is a part of life. 

Also, body language helps a lot. 

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