#TheWeekThatWas: Carol Blanche gets the stamp of approval from Carte Blanche

#TheWeekThatWas: Carol Blanche gets the stamp of approval from Carte Blanche

A lot can happen in the space of a week, case in point? These five things: 

WATCH: Meet 'Carol Blanche' as she investigates the truth behind Piet and the Tembisa 10
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We started off the week with a bang when we found out that Carol Blanche was actually retweeted by Carte Blanche. 

It was such a win for our team, especially considering that we found out later in the week that the #Tembisa10 was actually a hoax and the mother had been detained by the police. 

Carol Blanche gets retweeted by Carte Blanche

Watch the Carol Blanche interview with reported Piet about the Tembisa Ten (courtesy of YouTube):

We then went on the week showing appreciation to fathers, because sometimes they do not get as much love as they deserve and we wanted to change that.

We put together some great insight into what to get dad for Father's Day (read here). 

We also think that taking time to spend with them, especially during these tough times, is of crucial importance. Life is short so get to living it to the best of your ability...

We then moved on to a young KZN Graduate who decided that she was not going to allow the pandemic to take away one of the most important days of her schooling career. Minenhle Goge organized a KZN Street Graduation for her peers and it turned out to be so successful and inspiring. 

She also chatted with us and gave us some insight into her motivation behind planning the event and also her future plans, which include doing her Masters' degree and a great entrepreneurial venture. 

Listen to the podcast below: 

We learnt that Victoria's Secret Angels would no longer be part of the lingerie brand as they evolve and take on partnerships with inspirational women like Priyanka Chopra Jones and Megan Rapinoe. 

The Angels were around since the 1990s so it was a big shift for the company and the CEO shared some key info about the fact they were moving towards being more culturally relevant, a big move that is definitely bold and inspiring for many women. 

Last but definitely not least, we learnt that BP Petroleum had managed to become the first petrol company to get a liquor license. This is huge for wine lovers and they can now stop over at the petrol station to get a bottle of their favourite wine on the way home. 

There is only one station selling at the moment in Radiokop, North of Johannesburg, however they have plans on expanding soon. 

Image Courtesy of East Coast Radio 

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