#ThankfulTuesday: Thriving Durban baker has 40 employees, supplies nearly 200 PnP stores

#ThankfulTuesday: Thriving Durban baker has 40 employees, supplies nearly 200 PnP stores

It was his sweet tooth and his knack for improving his favourite recipes that led him to his business.

Man holding a certificate in his hand and smiling
Man holding a certificate in his hand and smiling/Facebook/@PeoplenPlanet

Sometimes your greatest purpose is born out of the simplest of passions. 

For Njabulo Sithole, it was his passion for perfecting his favourite cake recipes that led to the birth of his bakery, Bakers Creationz

"Durban baker, Njabulo Sithole (43) has converted space at Maphephethe, near Inanda Dam, into a booming bakery, Bakers Creationz." (Citizen)

His home bakery, which was born eight years ago, has evolved since then and he now has 40 employees. 

He also supplies nearly 200 Pick n Pay stores, with a production of more than 12,000 snowball products a week. 

Sithole told the Citizen: "As it turns out, quite a few people liked my preferences and I realised there was a demand. When we had a family gathering or traditional ceremony, people would say they were not buying cakes from a shop, as mine were better." 

He was so confident in his business idea that he left his job as a marketing manager. 

But, sadly, the money he expected to use to start his business did not come through, and so he opened up his business from his home. 

And hoped for the best.

He started small, but his vision and hard work has paid off. 

Sithole would pay school children commission for selling his baked goods, and as orders began to pour in, he was able to save and build on from there. 

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"He said he ensured the space he converted for his business in Inanda Dam met the relevant enviro-health, food and manufacturing regulations." (Citizen)

Sithole was lucky in that his business was not affected by COVID-19. But he hasn't been able to take time off. 

He hopes to do so: "I am hoping to be able to build the business to a point where I can take time off and celebrate properly,” says Sithole." (Citizen)

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