#ThankfulTuesday: She sets the record straight about removing HIV from sperm cell

#ThankfulTuesday: She sets the record straight about removing HIV from sperm cell

Now that is more of what we need in the world...

Woman sitting in a lab using a microscope
Woman sitting in a lab using a microscope/Twitter/@KasiBoySA

There are many people in this world that have failed to set things straight...

Reaping the benefits of misinformation may be something light in many peoples eyes, but in this age of social media and 'viralism', it certainly sets apart the honest from the power hungry.

They say silence is a reaction, and today we wanted to give credit to a woman that decided to set things straight in the online battlefield that is Twitter. 

Popular Twitter user KasiBoySA tweeted not long ago that Lebo Moatshe successfully removing HIV from a sperm cell and that this was indeed a medical breakthrough. 

As much as this was not a lie, it was a bit misleading reading it, because it sounded like he was in fact saying that she was the first person to have successfully done this. 

Of course, in true spirit, the Twittersphere did not show any restriction when it comes to sharing their true opinions. 

Many commented about the location of HIV, some saying that she is a mere intern, and blah blah blah...

Yes, we know it's freedom of speech. 

But then something happened. Someone screenshot the response from Lebo Moatshe herself setting the record straight when it came to this medical procedure. 

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Now that says a lot about a person. It shows integrity, which is a dying value these days. 

Intern or not, the fact that she was able to acknowledge and own her position shows her character. 

And for that we wanted to give her a big thumbs up. Many people commented on her response, sharing their delight in hearing this news. 

Because, ultimately, isn't that what we should be celebrating, that a South African woman is upskilling herself and also helping develop research surrounding a virus that has no cure as of yet?

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