Support booksellers by buying secondhand books around Durban

Support booksellers by buying secondhand books around Durban

A wonderful project by the Denis Hurley Centre...

Two people selling secondhand books
Two people selling secondhand books/Facebook/@illa.thompson.9

Community restoration efforts have a way of proving to us that there is always hope. 

One such project is the Streetlit project run by the Denis Hurley Centre in Durban. 

The Denis Hurley Centre works "with people of all faiths to bring about change in the inner city - for people who are poor, homeless, hungry, sick, unemployed and refugees." (Facebook)

Books are definitely a perfect way to help previously disadvantaged people break away from their past and pave a way for their future. 

Streetlit allows them the opportunity to earn an income by selling secondhand books in spots around Durban. 

The director of the Denis Hurley Centre, Raymond Perrier, told the Berea Mail: "We are delighted at how well our booksellers are doing and the fact that they are all off the streets and making a living. Please look out for our bright lime-green branding and continue to support them." 

Of course, with a project such as this, there is always a need for the community to come together to make it work. 

And so, you can help support this cause by visiting any of the Streetlit stalls around Durban. Booksellers are based at KZNSA Gallery, behind the Workshop; Berea Centre; Davenport Square; Botanic Gardens; Pick ‘n Pay Hyper by the Sea; Bluff Towers, outside the Denis Hurley Centre; and at the Playhouse/City Hall precinct. (Berea Mail)

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Donations of books are also welcomed by the centre and you can pay it forward by contacting Illa Thompson via email at [email protected] to make your donation. 

What sort of books interest you?

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