Students at Australian universities caught using AI to write their essays

Students at Australian universities caught using AI to write their essays

Did AI creators think this through properly?

Female using a laptop in home office space
Female using a laptop in home office space/Pexels

As a parent, we have a lot to be concerned about when it comes to our children's education. 

And as we brace ourselves after just a few days back at school, we have come across just another thing to be concerned about. 

We live with a generation of kids who rely a lot on technology. With that comes a whole host of other concerns. 

Of course, using technology for our leisure and entertainment is one thing, but then upgrading to using it for plagiarism is next level. 

"Australian universities have been forced to change the way they run exams and other assessments amid fears students are using emerging artificial intelligence software to write essays." (The Guardian)

Many major learning institutions have already added in their rules that the use of artificial intelligence is considered cheating. 

"ChatGPT, which generates text on any subject in response to a prompt or query, was launched in November by OpenAI and has already been banned across all devices in New York’s public schools due to concerns over its “negative impact on student learning” and potential for plagiarism." (The Guardian)

Due to this, eight leading universities have decided to revise how they run assessments due to the advancement in AI technology. 

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They have acknowledged though, that AI can assist students with their work in the future. 

And, therefore, they need to teach them or coach them into using this technology in a legitimate and responsible way. 

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