"To the Starbucks barista who drew a heart on my cup..."

"To the Starbucks barista who drew a heart on my cup..."

Things got awkward when this man got into trouble over an innocent gesture from a barista who thought he was his wife...

A barista preparing a beverage in a cafe
A barista preparing a beverage in a cafe/Pexels/@Hussein Haidar Salman

There's nothing quite like your first cup of coffee for the day. 

Sometimes, it is only that fresh percolated smell that truly wakes you up. So, when this man, who is also a Korean priest, went to Starbucks for his coffee, he was happy to get his caffeine fix for the day. 

But things went sideways when his barista drew a heart on his takeaway cup.

He very innocently shares that when he orders Starbucks, he always uses his wife's card so that she can get all the points. 

When he dissects how things went down, he pays attention to the fact that the barista probably thought he was a woman, because when she received the ticket, it was a lady's name. 

He believes that this motivated her to draw a heart on the cup, as a means of making her day...

But then things didn't quite go as planned because his wife saw the cup without the context of the back story.

Watch how he explains things quite calmly. Courtesy of TikTok

@joseph.yoo Thanks, @Starbucks 😅 #starbucks #barista #coffee #yourEpiscoPal #YourKoreanPriest #YourKoreanFather #yourfriendlyneighborhoodpriest #exvangelicalepiscopalian #JosephYoo ♬ original sound - Joseph Yoo

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In other words, what he means to say is, don't accept your Starbucks if there is a heart on the cup. 

Because this is a surefire way of getting into trouble. 

The comments we saw were hilarious. One person even gave him advice as to how he should've answered his wife. 

  • "Not even the priest is safe from a wife lmao 🤣 so cute"
  • "As a barista I can confirm some draw hearts on a group of lids and it’s random who gets one 😅"
  • "Saved by the order sticker lol. "look honey it's says your name and it's has order 1 or 1. Annnd you got the points"

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