SPOILER ALERT: New 'Sex and The City' starts filming!

SPOILER ALERT: New 'Sex and The City' starts filming!

Our favourite single girls from the NYC may be coming back with a third insert of 'Sex and The City'...

SPOILER ALERT: Sex and The City filming for a new movie started earlier this month...
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As a girls' night out, watching these single girls definitely left us with a glorified way of what girlfriends are really about. But the truth is, this series-turned-movie wasn't just a fun and sexy movie for us, it was about giving all single girls advice on how to deal with their relationship issues. 

It was also a true standing of what real girlfriends face in friendships. It made us laugh and allowed us to lean on the characters when we felt misunderstood. But the one thing that it did so well was share the beauty and evolution of fashion and how four women could grow and change on their own terms. 

With all that said, the good news (or possibly good news) on the streets of New York City is that three out of the four ladies from 'Sex and the City' have been seen walking the streets with a film crew. Could there be a third movie? 

Yes, it's true! "Only Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis (Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte) were spotted in Manhattan’s Upper East Side where filming took place. Kim Cattrall (Samantha) was missing from the reboot." (MSN)

It seems that things are bit shaky between Big and Carrie...Could the "D" word be on the cards for the couple that finally got it together?

"In the leaked Sex and the City script, Carrie has hit her 50s and is living her life as a podcast host. Her friends lend an ear to her as she pours her heart out about her divorce. Here is an interesting line from Carrie in the leaked script." (MSN)

Her words sound like things are bumpy between them. Did he step out on her? He wouldn't, or would he? Okay enough speculating, guess we will just have to wait and see. 

Let us know who your favourite character from the movie is below...

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