Spectators joke about Michael Jackson lookalike

Spectators joke about Michael Jackson lookalike

People are cheeky enough to call him 'Miguel Jackson'...

Michael Jackson lookalike performs at outside bar restaurant
Michael Jackson lookalike performs at outside bar restaurant/TikTok Screenshot/@anditstman

Even those who did not live during the King of Pop, Michael Jackson's era, know who he was. His music, style, and overall personality are legendary. 

So, you are expected to find people who want to look like him. Some lookalikes do a great job of acting and performing like the late Michael Jackson, while others still need to put in the work. 

However, it is the confidence that matters most. 

If lookalikes lack in the lookalike department but exude confidence like Michael Jackson, we can give them a pass, right? This question might have many people on the fence. 

However, a video shared on TikTok shows one lookalike who took the initiative to get backup dancers for his performance. 

We see the Michael Jackson lookalike perform at an outdoor restaurant, and the person who posted the video said, "When you order Michael Jackson from Temu."

Watch the video from TikTok

@anditstman Miguel jackson doing his thing 😅 #majorca ♬ original sound - TMan_Wv
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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