Sponsors help KZN man living in shelter

Sponsors help KZN man living in shelter

Regardless of his circumstances, Quinton still has such a positive attitude. 

A man from Shelley beach who lives at a shelter
A man from Shelley beach who lives at a shelter/Supplied

After a heartwarming call on-air last week, Carol Ofori was humbled by a man named Quinton who called into the McDonald's Nazo Meal competition. 

Quinton shared how he stretched his money to last him throughout the month, but what shocked Carol Ofori was that he was able to stretch his social grant of R350. 

You see, Quinton shared that he lived at the shelter in Shelley Beach. But he wasn't dismayed by his circumstances, he had a positive outlook and was happy to do what he needed to do to get back on his feet. 

Sharing his frugality earned him a wonderful sum of cash from McDonald's, but his stream of luck didn't end there. 

While sharing his story, he revealed that he would allocate some of his grant money to buy two Coo-ee soft drinks and because of that, Coo-ee Soft Drinks gifted him with R5,000 cash, a gift hamper and soft drinks for the rest of the people staying at the shelter. 

But wait, there was more. SPAR KZN got in touch with The Carol Ofori Show and they gifted him with a SPAR voucher worth R5,000. 

Take a listen to what happened and how surprised Quinton was by it all. 

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