In South Africa, toddler boys idolise delivery drivers

In South Africa, toddler boys idolise delivery drivers

This is just the cutest...

Little boy wearing his Checkers Sixty60 costume riding his bike
Little boy wearing his Checkers Sixty60 costume riding his bike/TikTok Screenshot/@bubblehouse_southafrica

South Africans have always been known for their ability to bring a diverse approach to most things. 

This time it's our boys looking up to what seems like the underdog of heroes. 

The Checkers Sixty60 delivery men. 

It goes without saying that when you are on the receiving end of a delivery, you look to the delivery guy, in this case, the Checkers Sixty60 guy, with a glow in your eyes. 

One mother openly shared that her son, unlike other little boys from other parts of the world, looks up to the Checkers Sixty60 delivery men rather than the stock standard superheroes from comic books and films.

He was all in, from the onesie uniform to the helmet and the delivery bike. This young boy was happy to express himself as a superhero, even if this wasn't the stereotypical idea of what a superhero might be. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@bubblehouse_southafrica SouthAfrican Boy Moms… Am I right? @Checkers South Africa #checkers_sa #checkers60 #checkers ♬ HOP LIKE A BUNNY LENNY PEARCE - Lenny Pearce

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This little boy is such a fan that when the Checkers Sixty60 delivery driver comes through, his eyes light up. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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