SEE: Want to see what a sex toy looked like 2,000 years ago?

SEE: Want to see what a sex toy looked like 2,000 years ago?

"The 6.5 inch (16.51cm) wooden object is smooth at both ends..."

A wooden sex toy from the ancient roman era
A wooden sex toy from the ancient roman era/Facebook/@HistoricVids

When you think of ancient history, sex toys don't really feature, right?

But it seems that the ancient Romans kept themselves satisfied sexually in more than just the conventional way. 

"A 2,000-year-old wooden object initially thought to be a darning tool has been reassessed by archaeologists - who believe it may have been used as a sex toy in Roman times." (Sky News)

Roman sex toy

Scientists were baffled when they made the discovery. 

Dr Collins is a senior lecturer in archaeology at Newcastle University, and he said: "The question we found ourselves asking is what sort of object shaped like a phallus would have greater wear at both ends than in the middle?" (Sky News)

Their most obvious conclusion was that the object was in fact a dildo. 

Both art and literature support this theory, as Romans were known to use dildos. In addition, Dr. Collins said: "Phallic imagery is "all over the place in the Roman world". (Sky News)

The reason behind this is that they believed it protected them against bad luck. 

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Nothing resembling the phallus has ever been discovered before, although the supposition of its true meaning is still a bit of a mystery.

Dr. Collins believes or would like to believe that it is a dildo. 

The other option is that it could've been something that slots into a statue and was meant for passersby to touch for good luck. 

"Or it could have been used as a pestle, used to grind food, medicine or cosmetics with the idea that the protective properties of the phallus would be transferred to the ingredients in the process." (Sky News)

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