SEE: Have you ever gotten into trouble because of a text message?

SEE: Have you ever gotten into trouble because of a text message?

This chef did 19 months in jail over a misinterpretation over a text message...

SEE: Have you ever gotten into trouble because of a text message?
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Ah, the days of texting, when you would actually pay for an SMS and make sure that you are meticulous with each and every character that you would use.

Of course, nowadays, with the abundance of instant messaging services, there's no need to use your text messages, and you end up using them in emergencies, so those free bundles came in handy when WhatsApp was down earlier this month. 

In saying all of that, we all can relate to moments when we send the wrong message to the wrong person, and the thing is you can delete the message before it is viewed with instant message applications, but not with SMS or text messages. 

So there comes the drama...

A chef in Dubai received a reservation message from someone, who was being monitored by the police. This so-called person of interest sent a request for a reservation message to Chef Luke Tully asking for a table of ten. 

"Restauranteur Luke Tally was finally released in August after being held following a misunderstanding by local police. He received a message requesting a table for ten...but the person who sent it appears to be someone the police had been following as a possible drug dealer." (MSN)

The table for ten was misinterpreted as a code for ten grams of cocaine. 

It was all a big misunderstanding according to Tully, who has spent £150,000 (R3,000,000) on legal fees to secure his release. He also shared that at the time of his arrest, the police had made serious threats to throw him off a balcony if he didn't tell them where the drugs were. 

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We can't say that sounds like a pro if you are thinking of relocating, they obviously need better intel when it comes to their investigative skills.

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