SEE: Fans throw shade at Miss SA finalists' style and the quality of their photos!

SEE: Fans throw shade at Miss SA finalists' style and the quality of their photos!

Before you hit the send button, think about how it can affect the person on the other side...

SEE: Fans throw shade at Miss SA finalists style and the quality of their photos!

With the advances in smartphone technology and the social media hemisphere, it seems that everyone is an expert in taking photos nowadays. Whether it comes to styling, lighting, and framing, even your grandma can tell you what you are doing wrong...

Or that's what they think...

Just because you can Google and YouTube almost anything, it doesn't make you an expert. So don't be a know-it-all, people! 

You are probably wondering what we are even talking about? Well, recently, the Miss South Africa Facebook page was updated with an album of photos of the top ten finalists dressed to impress. 

The headline of the post read: "#OOTD Day 1: Your finalists were dressed to impress on their first day in Cape Town. Which look is your favourite?"

Check out the post below (courtesy of Facebook):

If we have to be harsh, the photos weren't in line with what they normally produce. But more than that people came onto the post and were just being plain down mean. 

One woman said: "Very disappointing photo shoot. Clothing looks like it was bought at a rummage sale. It doesn't suit their bodies. Makeup is overdone. Look like the photos were taken on a cheap cellphone by an assistant. They're all natural beauties, but it doesn't reflect in the photos. They all look like high school beauty pageant contestants and not future Miss Universe or Miss World." (Facebook)

And what we found ironic was that this same woman says on her profile pic: "You know my name, but not my story." Hmm, interesting that someone who clearly doesn't want to be judged is judging...

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And this comes after the fact that the current Miss South AfricaShudufhadzo Musida, speaks so openly about how she was bullied. 

Just to note, the clothing on the day was styled by the finalists themselves.

Another person wrote: "Not loving these looks. They are gonna have to step it up a level. Sorry but this isnt good enough for Miss SA Top 10 finalists." 

Another said: "Is it just me or the Standard of Miss South Africa is going down?" 

Whatever the reason, people need to practice the pause before hitting the send button. This is definitely considered cyberbullying and it's not easy to put yourself out there as a person who is entering Miss South Africa. 

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