SA daughter asks for R800 for her Tinder Gold profile

SA daughter asks for R800 for her Tinder Gold profile

Mama Bear was not happy about her daughter's Tinder antics...

A South African woman with a scarf on her head
A South African woman with a scarf on her head/TikTok Screenshot/@mamabearvaldaf

There's nothing quite like pulling a prank on a mother or father who can be more on the eccentric side. 

And what better way to pull a fast one on a frugal mother than talking about money? This mom fell right into the trap on this one when her daughter managed to pull the wool over her eyes and get just the reaction she wanted. 

A young woman who prides herself on playing pranks on her mother for entertainment purposes struck 'Gold' this time. 

In a video shared by Kara (MamaBearValdaf), the camera focused on her mother while she asked her father for R800. 

She then went on to explain why she needed the money, saying that she wanted to access Tinder Gold to see who viewed her profile. 

Then she explained that Tinder was free but she wanted to see who was viewing her profile and that meant spending R800 to get the paid version, which allows her more insight into potential matches. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@mamabearvaldaf A band new week😮‍💨🥳 #mamabearvalda #papabearshaun #falteinfamily #pranksonmamabearvalda #tinder ♬ original sound - Kara

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Even Somizi commented on the video, saying: "I understood every word and i dont understand afrikaans. baaie morsag vir eidal." 

We get it! Mom was not happy...

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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