Run! Video of Secret Service trying to catch up to Kamala Harris is hilarious!

Run! Video of Secret Service trying to catch up to Kamala Harris is hilarious!

As Kamala Harris begins her four-year stint as Vice-President of the USA, she’s trying to find a healthy work/life balance – and the Secret Service can’t keep up!

Kamala Harris

When Bobby Tran and his girlfriend went jogging on the National Mall in Washington DC, the last person they expected to bump into was the Vice-President herself, Kamala Harris. But that’s exactly what happened when they spotted her running up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Bobby spotted Kamala in her workout gear alongside her husband Doug Emhoff, while being trailed by Secret Service agents.

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"We turned around and there she was, running the steps, and being one with the community," Tran said in a recent interview. "As we were getting closer, I also noticed somebody that appeared to be Doug Emhoff, too. It wasn't until later when I looked over the video that I noticed the second gentleman at the top, who paused to give her a high five as she finished her run. I thought that was the coolest thing to be so supportive of each other out there."

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Tran shared a video of his encounter on social media, which has since been shared by Doug and has racked up over 4.5-million views!

Kamala seemed to make a great impression on all who bumped into her during her workout, as Tran added that the Vice-President paused her workout to speak to kids and happily took a few selfies. In fact, she seemed so approachable that even he stopped and asked for a picture. "She was kind enough to oblige," he said. "It was pretty cool... It's still something I can't really believe happened, seeing her doing the same thing we do."

This reminds us of the recent chance meeting between a jogger and President Cyril Ramaphosa. You can read all about that HERE.

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