Rory Petzer talks about driving in Durban

Rory Petzer talks about driving in Durban CBD

"A beginner's guide to driving in Durban Central."

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Ahead of Rory Petzer's first solo comedy show, happening on the 14th of October at the Barnyard Theatre, he shared some truly relatable content. 

As per usual Petzer managed to leave TikTokers laughing out loud with his 'Beginners guide to driving in Durban central'. 

And it was so on the money, as much as he created this as a piece of content, very much of what he said was true. 

Talking about driving in central Durban really does resonate with many drivers. 

Waiting for someone to give you a way, or saying or not saying thank you by giving hazards are all key parts to his beginner's guide. 

As the roads become more and more busy, there are more and more motorists who are not really happy-go-lucky people. 

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Watch his video below, courtesy of TikTok

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We loved how people engaged with his beginner's guide. Check out some of the comments. 

Jadink16: "Driving in Durban CBD is a extreme sport 🤣"

C B Malloy: "In Durban CBD I drive like a taxi driver."

Zanenhlanhla: "The accuracy in this, I become a man when I drive there🤣🤣, you don't ask for permission there, you dont apologise for nothing." 

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