Rihanna holding son upside down creates mixed views online

Rihanna holding son upside down creates mixed views online

Where do you stand on RiRi playing with her son in this way?

Rihanna and ASAP holding their sons at a birthday party
Rihanna and ASAP holding their sons at a birthday party/X Screenshot/@DailyLoud

A video of Rihanna and her family celebrating her son's second birthday has created a buzz on social media. 

In the video, Rihanna is holding her eldest, RZA, and ASAP Rocky is holding their youngest, Riot. As the guests begin to sing Happy Birthday to RZA, Rihanna playfully turns RZA around and holds him upside down in the air. 

She sways him from side-to-side and then gently brings him back to her and caresses his hair. 

This innocent moment between a mother and child has sparked some outrage on social media. Many people have commented negatively, questioning her decision to put the child in that position. 

Of course, we can understand why this might trigger some people, but we also realise that as a parent we learn through experience. 

In Rihanna's defence, she was not trying to intentionally hurt or harm her child, she was merely having fun with him and if the video wasn't shared online, then no one would've been the wiser about her actions. 

That's the thing about society, we are judged and damned regardless of what we do as parents. So, which would you rather be, a parent that does something not socially acceptable to connect with your kid/s or the parent who is more concerned with pleasing society than playing with your kid/s?

Watch the video below, courtesy of X

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