Research finds women have a better sleep with their dogs

Research finds women have a better sleep with their dogs

That sounds about right to!

Woman sleeping with her dog
Woman sleeping with her dog/Pexels/@Meruyert Gonullu

There's no doubt that our dogs provide us with a sense of comfort in more than one way. 

But to hear that they also allow us to experience a more restful sleep, now, that's just the cherry on top. 

A study that was conducted in 2018 by Canisius College in Buffalo, New York suggested that women slept better next to their dogs than next to their partners or as they said members of their own species. 

"Researchers surveyed 962 women living across the United States. Of this sample, 55 percent reported sharing their bed with at least one dog and 31 percent with at least one cat. Of those women, 57 percent also slept with a partner." (HuffPost)

The participants were asked questions that helped researchers identify how they felt whilst sleeping with their cats, dogs and their partners. 

Those with partners were also asked about how secure or protected they felt at night, as well as how their partner affected their sleep. 

After the data was analysed by lead researcher Associate Professor Christy L. Hoffman and her team, it was found that dogs were less likely to disrupt their owner's sleep in comparison to cats and partners. 

"Why’s that? Hoffman told HuffPost it might be because dog owners tend to have better sleep habits and stricter daily routines than people who don’t have dogs: On the whole, dog owners had earlier bedtimes and wake-up times than women with cats." (HuffPost)

Interestingly, dogs were said to adjust more to their owner's sleep schedules than other humans or cats. 


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"Pups also may provide women with a greater sense of safety than a cat would when sleeping.

“Some dog owners may take comfort in the thought that their dog will alert them in the case of an intruder or other type of emergency,” Hoffman said. “A cat is less likely to take on this role.” (HuffPost)

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