Remember that time James Blunt's music was used to disperse protesters in New Zealand?

Remember that time James Blunt's music was used to disperse protesters in New Zealand?

There must be a song that gets on your nerves too?

Protestors outside parliament in New Zealand
Protestors outside parliament in New Zealand/Twitter/@shazzz66

In this week's edition of bizarro news, Carol Ofori flashes back to a few months ago. 

That time that the New Zealand authorities got creative with their methods of dispersing protestors. 

Now when it comes to the law, it is rare that you would find officers practicing creative ways of carrying out their duties. 

Especially when it comes to protestors.

Traditionally, water cannons, smoke bombs, and sometimes even rubber bullets have been used (if crowds get disruptive or violent). 

But a few months ago, as protestors gathered outside the New Zealand parliament, sharing their dislike toward the COVID-19 vaccine, officers got creative in their approach. 

"The demonstrators, who are angry about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, were initially bombarded with Barry Manilow's greatest hits - plus the 1990s dance tune Macarena - all played on a loop from one of parliament's loudspeakers." (Sky News)

The even more bizarre part was that James Blunt tweeted the authorities offering his help if the above music didn't help. 

So they took him up on his offer, but it didn't seem to phase the masses...

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"The loudspeakers have also played Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, the Frozen hit Let It Go, and viral children's song Baby Shark, as well as COVID vaccine messages." (Sky News)

We thought it would be interesting to see which of these artists would clear you out...

Take part in the poll below. These were Carol Ofori's top picks when it comes to dispersing music...

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