A recap of incredible women crush entrepreneurs, including Carol Ofori this Women's Entrepreneurship Day:

A recap of incredible women crush entrepreneurs, including Carol Ofori this Women's Entrepreneurship Day:

A list of women entrepreneurs that we admire...

It's Women's Entrepreneurship Day! A recap of incredible women crush entrepreneurs including Carol Ofori
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We decided to take a look into the women that we have been crushing on this year in our Women Crush Wednesday post, has got us thinking about the women that are making the world turn with their entrepreneurial skills. 

Of all those women, we have to start with dedicating this day to our very own Woman Entrepreneur Leader, Carol Ofori. Being a woman in business, doesn't just mean you have strength and vigour, but it also means that you have leadership qualities and a will to conquer. 

These qualities are definitely true when it comes to Carol Ofori. She isn't just a great voice on radio but a voice over artist that brings a pizazz to every recording. She's an advocate for women, for mothers, for business owners, and her will to create and push boundaries are truly the makings of a great Women Entrepreneur. 

This is why the first woman we celebrate this Women Entrepreneurship Day is Carol Ofori. We salute you, and we commend you for being a role model to so many women. 

Then we have a local woman, mother, Masters student, Lecturer, pastor and volunteer, Trianne Amarchund. She shared on her social media that she was attending the finals of the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) national Entrepreneurship Intervarsity Challenge, and girl, oh, girl are we excited for her.

Alicia Koopman, who used her passion for fashion, coupled with her amazing spirit to start a small business during the pandemic. She started an online clothing business that featured inspirational and motivational messages. 

She has grown to the point where her items are now stocked on platforms such as Takealot, Mr. Price and Zando. She definitely shares the true meaning of what it means to be innovative and self-encouraging, a true entrepreneur.

Then we had a mother, Mmule Ramothibe who decided that she wanted her daughter to play with dolls that looked like her. And so she took a chance and designed her own range of dolls that speak to the heritage of African women. 

She has her own personal story of overcoming illness and that just adds to the amazingness of her brand. Just being able to start something on the basis of advocating for your daughter, shows her true essence. Nandikwa dolls are both inspiring and tell a story, one that continues to be told when a young girl plays with them... 

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