#PetParenting: Natural home remedy to rid your dog of fleas

#PetParenting: Natural home remedy to rid your dog of fleas

No more annoying scratching...

Fleas and lemons
Fleas and lemons/TikTok Screenshot/@petlabco

As much as we love our furry family members, there are those horrifying moments where we dread the thought of them being ridden with fleas. 

And let's face it, at some point or the other these furry hair balls love to go exploring in the garden. 

What accompanies them back, you never truly know...

Sometimes it's snake bites, other times, those pesky fleas...

An interesting tip from pet lovers to pet lovers reveals a natural way to get rid of those pesky insects. 

Apparently, fleas do not like the smell of lemons...

And so the PetLab Co. reveals an easy and cost effective way of getting rid of them. 

All you need are lemons, water, and a spray bottle...

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@petlabco Try this natural home remedy to wipeout your dog's fleas 🍋 #doghack #doghealth #dogtokker #fyp ♬ Canyons - Official Sound Studio

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The concerning part about natural remedies is whether they are completely safe to use or not. 

Many of the comments on the video seemed hesitant that this was actually full-proof method without any side effects. 

Some said citrus fruits are not safe for dogs or cats. So our advice is to please check with your vet before using any natural remedies on your pets. 

Better safe than sorry...

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