#PetParenting: A dog and her owner have a cute disagreement online

#PetParenting: A dog and her owner have a cute disagreement online

Do you understand what your pet says?

The other kind of parenting, a dog and her owner have a cute disagreement online
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There's no denying that we are pet lovers, pets of all kinds but most especially our furry pooches that manage to make our hearts melt continuously. So when we saw this amazing bond between a dog and her pet parent, we had to share it with you. 

With the constant advancements in technology, we are not surprised that a pet lover or maybe just an inventor, we're not sure of the specifics, came up with an automatic feeder contraption for feeding dogs. 

A Dogo Argentino, named Olive has a strong, yet slender build, silky white fur coat and long limbs, and more than that, she has a bark that it is punchy and authoratative. 

She is seen "standing near the electronic feeder, and looking pleadingly at her owner, the video features a rather funny exchange between the pair over mealtime.

Looking into an empty feeding bowl, the pup begins to bark and whine to which her owner says: “That isn’t how it works." (MSN)

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@olive.and.hailey She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #OliveLouise #dogoargentino #dogtok #OlivetheDogo #dogoftikok ♬ original sound - Hailey Hart

The thing that got us in our feels is the way these two communicate with each other. Their bond is adorable, and even the way they argue sounds cute. It just goes to show that language is a subjective experience and these two have their own way to chatting. 

"It seems she may have confused the feeding machine with a treat-dispensing toy.

There are a few on the market that respond to pushes of buttons to feed pets or offer them treats while their owners are away." (MSN)

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The TikToker shared another video sharing when Olive does get her feed and that wagging tail is so adorable. Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok.

@olive.and.hailey Reply to @britneymoore29 ♬ original sound - Hailey Hart
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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