Parents charge daughter R3,800 rental for living at home

Parents charge daughter R3,800 rental for living at home

This is what teaches them responsibility, don't you think?

A mother and father from Texas
A mother and father from Texas/Instagram Screenshot/@bar7ranch

There are those parents who believe in tough love when it comes to parenting. 

But being a parent doesn't just mean being protective over your kid/s, a vital part of parenting involves empowering and teaching your children responsibility. 

Parents, Cody and Erika Archie from Texas, shared a video on their Instagram page asking other parents their thoughts surrounding charging your kids rent. 

After their daughter graduated from high school and opted not to go to college, they were thinking of charging her rent. 

The post is from last June, and since their story went viral, they decided to repost it. The truth is, she has been paying them rent ever since to the value of $200 (R3,800). 

Their video attracted a split vote amongst parents. While some thought that this may be a bit harsh, others believed it was a good way to teach their kids how to become financially mature. 

WATCH their video repost from Instagram below. 

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Some people shared the view that this is a good idea to teach your kids responsibility. 

But more than that, as a parent, you could collect the money and over time give it back to them when they move out or as large sum to start their next chapters. 

However, there was some bitterness with some saying that they paid their parents and resented the idea altogether. 

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