PARENTING: "When I discovered I was pregnant, I fell into depression..."

PARENTING: "When I discovered I was pregnant, I fell into depression..."

Not usually what expectant mothers say...

PARENTING: "When I discovered I was pregnant, I fell into depression..."
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Being a working parent is no easy feat. There are those days that you find yourself running out of the house in a rush. And then there are those days where you have it all together and you think, I've got this!

Marlize Jacobs, a mother to five children, shared her story about being a working mother. She wanted to share her story so that if it reaches just one person who is struggling with the abundant responsibilities and stressful environment of being a parent, she will feel like she's helped in some way. 

And the truth is, isn't that what we are all trying to do? Be the best we can be and share that with other parents who are doing the same...

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She went through peripartum depression and admits that this can happen to anyone regardless of their financial or life circumstances. They got pregnant whilst using contraceptives, so, at first, it was sort of a miracle, but when she found out that they would have twins, it started stressing her out. 

At first she thought it was her hormones and it was the stress of dealing with all the household responsibilities, on top of raising her three kids and working. She admits that she found some perspective after her first trimester when she shared her worries with her husband. 

Marlize ended up going through the motions and starting to accept that everything was going to be okay. She sought out help from her doctor and was starting to do better. 

But as that happened, her twins went into distress and she had to have an emergency C-section. She would have to stay with her babies in hospital and her worries crept in again, because what would happen with the rest of her family?

Her advice is both sound and realistic, and we think it mirrors the values and beliefs of our very own Carol Ofori

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