OPRAH WINFREY shares titbits from her childhood!

Oprah Winfrey shares titbits from her childhood!

Oprah Winfrey shares stories from her childhood and how she has adapted through her new book, 'What Happened To You'. 

OPRAH WINFREY shares titbits from her childhood!
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Oprah opens up about her childhood and how it was a lonely one, notwithstanding the 'whupping' she got as a child. 

When we hear Oprah speak, it's an automatic cue for silence, her words aren't just powerful, but life-changing and inspiring. It's like we are in full absorption mode. 

So when we hear her offering some insight into her childhood and being able to come full circle with her obvious growth, it leaves us motivated to want to get our hands on her new book - #WhatHappenedToYou. 

The Mirror revealed that "she even admitted that she would have to smile about the abuse, which she says turned her into a 'people pleaser' who had trouble setting boundaries well into adulthood.".

She shared this on her Instagram page:

'#WhatHappenedToYou, co-authored by Dr. Bruce Perry, is for anyone with a mother, father, partner, or child who may have experienced trauma. The earlier the trauma, the harder it is to heal. And if you’ve ever had labels like “people pleaser,” “self-sabotager,” “disruptive,” “argumentative,” “checked out,” “can’t hold a job,” or “bad at relationships” used to describe you or your loved ones, this book is also for you. Or if you simply want to better understand yourself and others.'

We can't wait to read the book and in case you didn't know, Oprah has shared on her Instagram that all the proceeds will be going to the Boys and Girls Club in Missisippi. 

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