OPINION: Carol Ofori asks when the price of beauty makes it harder for us as women?

OPINION: Carol Ofori asks when the price of beauty makes it harder for us as women?

Also, we delve into some things that make women's lives harder, according to men...

OPINION: Carol Ofori asks when the price of beauty makes it harder for us as women?
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After getting to live like a King (Queen) last week with King Price Insurance, Carol Ofori shared that she actually found herself being so careful not to drive the Lamborghini fast because...

She didn't want to lose her wig...

It's those things that we do as women that inconvenience us, but we do what we do, all in the name of looking and feeling good.

This was just one example from Carol. She also shared that when she wears eyelash extensions, she is unable to wear sunglasses, because the lashes touch the glasses, which we can imagine must be rather irritating. 

Then she found some things online that share ways that women have things harder in life, according to men...

Twenty men set out things they believe women never win at, of which we have highlighted five below:

1. You can’t win whether you’re ugly or beautiful

“If you’re ugly, then some men will automatically dislike you. If you’re attractive, then some women will automatically dislike you.”


 (Thought Catalogue)

2. Having your emotions blamed on your monthly cycle

“Having the validity of your emotions called into question due to the fact that your hormones swing wildly during parts of your cycle. That must be infuriating. If I’m sad or angry people ask me why, not if it’s my arbitrary time of the month.”


3. Having to get prepared just to walk out the door

“The fact that you guys have to get so prepared for everything. If you go to work without wearing makeup, people think you’re sick.”


 (Thought Catalogue)

4. Struggling to believe that a guy can love you as you are

“I think the hardest part of being a woman is her believing that a guy can love her as she is. Even the most beautiful women are plagued with insecurities. It boggles my mind.”


And then last but definitely not least... this one is from Carol Ofori:

5. Beauty trends that literally inhibit your life

"There are a whole lot of things that girls do to themselves that inhibit you from doing basic things. Nails, for example, inhibit you from doing things, having a full face of make-up, you can't go to the gym. Because if you go, your mascara actually sweats into your eyes, which is very painful and uncomfortable..."

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