"Nobody teaches us how to get old" - South African pioneer Barbara Masekela

"Nobody teaches us how to get old" - South African pioneer Barbara Masekela

"There's always something more (or less) that you could've done. There's enough time to do everything. As you get older, time seems to be shrinking..."

Barbara Masekela with a broad smile
Barbara Masekela with a broad smile/Dispatch Live website

As part of International Women's Day, Carol Ofori and her team wanted to commemorate and honour someone with a rich history in South Africa

And, so, she had the honour of speaking to activist, author, academic, politician, mother, inspiring woman, and one of the world's greatest wordsmiths, Barbara Masekela. 

When Carol shared some of Mam Masekela's decorated history, she responded by saying that it sounded like her eulogy and laughed heartily about it. 

"Ms Masekela served the government at the highest level when President Nelson Mandela appointed her the first new South African Ambassador to France and UNESCO in 1995.

"And in 2003, Ms Masakela became South Africa’s ambassador to the United States of America...

"Masekela also served as deputy chairperson of the SABC from 1999 to 2003." 

LISTEN to the full interview between Carol and Mam Barbara. 

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