"New ZN plates will have security features" – KZN Department of Transport

"New ZN plates will have security features" – KZN Department of Transport

Carol Ofori spoke to KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport spokesperson Kwanele Ncalane to get some clarity on the compulsory move to new plates for the province.

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KwaZulu-Natal will soon move to a new number plate system. From December 1, vehicles in the province will use the letters 'ZN'.

The move was decided at a KZN Provincial Executive Council meeting on Wednesday after the provincial cabinet received a presentation from the Department of Transport.

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The Executive Council says plates with three letters, such as NRB, NPN, and NPS, are exhausted. 

Motorists will be given 24 months to migrate from the current system to the new one. 

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Carol Ofori spoke to KZN Department of Transport spokesperson Kwanele Ncalane, who explained the need for the change.

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“What prompted these changes is, among others, the issue that in areas that have three letters like NPN, NRB or NPS, there are no longer numbers available as they are all exhausted," says Ncalane. 

"Where we are sitting now is that when you register a vehicle in Richards Bay, you are given NUF, which is Empangeni because the numbers are exhausted."

Ncalane also said the new plates will have many security features, but couldn’t elaborate in detail as the wrong people would hear and learn from it. 

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