My precious moment with Jamie Bartlett...

My precious moment with Jamie Bartlett...

A hero has fallen in the South African acting industry.

Carol Ofori and Jamie Bartlett
Carol Ofori and Jamie Bartlett

South Africans are on social media paying their respects to the late Jamie Bartlett. 

The award-winning actor has been in numerous films and television series, including 'Rhythm City' as the classic villain David Genaro. 

The details surrounding his death have not been made public.

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Jamie Bartlett has died
Jamie Bartlett/ Instagram (@realjamiebarlett)

Carol Ofori honours the legend by recalling her first interaction with him....

"I remember the day as if it was yesterday. He walked into a restaurant where myself, sister, and cousin were having drinks on a beautiful sunny day in Johannesburg. 

"As he walked in, everybody stared. Many people became in awe of the fact that here is a famous South African actor. Many knew him as David Genaro from 'Rhythm City', as well as other roles in SA acting.

"He was so friendly. I waved at him and said hi and he actually came over to my table. 

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"We took pictures and had a chat, and I can definitely say that it was one of the most humble conversations I've had. 

"One thing I can say about him is that when he spoke to us, his presence was definitely there. Anybody who knows him or has shared conversations with him will say that he leaves a mark with you."

Rest in peace Jamie Bartlett. Gone but never forgotten.

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