'Bluey' slammed for being 'fatphobic'

'Bluey' slammed for being 'fatphobic'

Uh, some people need to take a chill pill...

Bluey and her dad Bandit in the bathroom
Bluey and her dad Bandit in the bathroom/TikTok Screenshot/@news.com.au

If you have kids, then there are some popular mainstream children's TV shows that you are bound to be familiar with. 

Besides 'Peppa Pig', there is the quite popular 'Bluey'. The Heeler family's progressive parenting style leaves parents with either a sigh of relief or up in arms. 

Because as you know, not everyone follows the same form of parenting, but this popular kids' show has come into the spotlight for a reason we're not sure is warranted. 

WATCH a snippet of the episode that is being attacked below, courtesy of TikTok

@news.com.au What do you think of the scene? #bluey #fatphobia #bodyimage #bodypositivity 🎥: @ABC Australia ♬ original sound - News.com.au

Many people are coming down hard on the Heelers for promoting a negative portrayal of body image. 

But to us real parents, and many others, what is being said here is an affirmation of the truth. 

Most parents who do not have help, do not have the time to exercise and take care of themselves. Well, not as much as they would like. 

However, it is a reality we accept day in and day out, and for the most part make it work. 

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It seems we were not the only ones who thought this was taking 'negative body image' slamming too far. 

Most people commented on the snippet that was shared on News.au saying that the people slamming this scene need to chill - and we undoubtedly agree. 

Check out some of the comments: 

"Oh come on actually the most unrealistic thing about this episode is bluey saying “your boss would want you to be happy.”

"As if this isn't most adults when they step on a scale."

"I find it relatable, Bandit is showing frustration with his weight and he’s using that frustration to better himself!! It’s a good message I think." 

Courtesy of TikTok

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