The monkeys followed Carol Ofori from Durban to Joburg!

The monkeys followed Carol Ofori from Durban to Joburg!

It seems the monkeys followed Carol Ofori to Johannesburg over the holidays...

A monkey running around a residence in Johannesburg
A monkey running around a residence in Johannesburg/Supplied

It's not often that a KZNer would read about a missing or escaped monkey on one of the community WhatsApp groups. 

Because we have an abundance of vervet monkeys in our province, we don't exactly have to search far and wide to see them. They are like those family members that don't believe in calling before visiting. 

Carol Ofori is no stranger to these monkeys as when she moved with her family to KZN, she had many unwanted visits from monkeys to her home. 

But this time, she felt like she was a part of a prison break episode. 

During the holidays, she was at her residence in Johannesburg and it was during that time that she received a notice about a missing vervet monkey that was on the run. 

The male monkey was moving east to west across Boskruin/Northwold area. The monkey was trying to find a troop and was floating around - and was apparently spotted in the Ofori's complex!

Carol Ofori shared that many people from Johannesburg were quite startled by the 'monkey-on-the-run' sighting, as it is a very "un-Joburg" thing to experience. 

People were saying that they were afraid that the vervet monkey would attack their dogs. Surprisingly, we read that vervet monkeys are fond of cats, but we're not sure about dogs. 

It was almost as if she manifested the appearance of this lone ranger into her complex. 

She just spoke to Mr Ofori about how remarkable it is that vervet monkeys can travel over continents but they don't make the trip from Durban to Johannesburg, and then they received a message on their community group saying that there was a vervet in their complex. 

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It all ended well as the monkey was captured and examined. The monkey was to receive any rehabilitation it required and then be released into a troop. 

This taught us two things; the power of speaking something into reality (a great motivation for the year ahead) and that monkeys are just as smart if not smarter than us. 

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