Monday motivation for our matric class of 2023

Monday motivation for our matric class of 2023

Class of 2023 loading... Grade 12 learners and parents, you've got this!

School girls seated at their examination tables
School girls seated at their examination tables/Facebook/@BrentLindeque

As our Grade 12 learners embark on their trial examinations, we wanted to take a moment to offer some words of motivation. 

There's no doubt it has been a strenuous journey thus far, both for students and their families. 

The stress to stay on top of your studies amidst all the other pressures that come with being a teenager can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

But sometimes all you need is a kick of enthusiasm and some words of encouragement, to remind you that you can do this. 

To the parents, try to leave your anxiety outside and be calm for your kids. You would be surprised how support can help your child feel more confident in their exams and life. 

So, stay supportive and guide them. Offer them nourishment for their minds and bodies, provide them with the resources, and learn how to steer from the back seat. 

Giving them their space to take the reins is also important. Sometimes the anxiety they experience causes them to want to be left alone, other times they need you to help them and might be too proud to ask for it. 

Read the room...

Another great way to get them feeling positive without being overly invasive is to play some motivational videos in the house. 

Of course, they might catch on, but you would be surprised how those words of encouragement from people who are seasoned can imprint on them. 

Motivating your kids should be something you enforce or practice daily, but around this time when they may feel overwhelmed from the pressure of passing or doing well, be there for them on a human level. 

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