Adele quits drinking: 'I was borderline alcoholic'

Adele quits drinking: 'I was borderline alcoholic'

The 'Easy On Me' singer is opening up about why she no longer drinks. 

Adele wearing a black dress during 2020 SNL appearance
Adele hosting 'Saturday Night Live' in 2020/ Instagram (@adele)

Adele is the latest star to give up alcohol in 2023. The 35-year-old told concertgoers at one of her recent shows in Las Vegas that she no longer drinks. 

“I stopped drinking, uhm, maybe like three and a half months ago. It’s boring. Oh my God, it's boring. I mean, you know, I was literally borderline alcoholic for quite a lot of my 20s, but I miss it so much," she said. 

It seems the star has also cut out caffeine, but she is certainly no party pooper. 

"Enjoy your whiskey sour. I’m very, very jealous," she told the fan. 

It's unclear if she is taking a break from alcohol or if she has given it up permanently. 

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Earlier this year, Adele admitted that she drank a lot during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"I remember when I came here in COVID, in lockdown, it was 11am and I was definitely like four bottles of wine in — like we all were. I said in 2020 that I wanted to put my album out. And we were all at home just drunk basically," the Daily Star quoted her as saying during a March 2023 show. 

Adele also told Vogue magazine in a November 2021 interview that she has "always had a very close relationship with alcohol". 

"I was always very fascinated by alcohol. It’s what kept my dad from me. So I always wanted to know what was so great about it," the 'I Drink Wine' singer said. 

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Other stars who quit drinking in 2023 include Lasizwe Dambuza and Mihlali Ndamase. 

Lasizwe revealed in April that he had taken a break from alcohol. He admitted that the "journey has been both challenging and rewarding".

"Maintaining sobriety in the midst of social gatherings can be difficult, especially when one's friends are not abstaining. However, this experience has taught me valuable lessons in self-awareness and self-control, particularly in managing anxiety. I am proud of the progress I have made and look forward to continuing on this path of personal growth," he wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

Mihlali, meanwhile, celebrated being 30 days sober in March. 

"I did it. I'm at my happiest, peak of my productivity and healthiest alcohol free. I haven't felt this good in months. This has been by far the best decision I've made for my life," she wrote on Instagram.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@adele (During her 'Saturday Night Live' appearance in 2020)

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