Mom tricks son into doing housework using genius WiFi trick!

Mom tricks son into doing housework using genius WiFi trick!

These days, parents need to get creative when trying to discipline their kids – and this mom discovered the perfect WiFi hack to get her kids to complete their chores.

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Admit it. Parenting is extremely difficult – especially trying to discipline the technologically-savvy teenagers of today. But, one mom's viral WiFi trick has been named the ‘parenting hack of the year’ – and it has been blowing up on social media.

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TikTok user SareBear, who posts under the username sarebear_13689, has shared an hilarious prank on her son which has taken the world by storm.

In the video, Sara records her son walking into the living room asking her what the WiFi password is, to which she replies: "Clean your room first." Begrudgingly, the son turns around and goes off to tidy up his room. A while later, the boy walks back into the room and asks Sara, once again, for the password.

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This time, Sara replied, "Clean your room first, all lower case, no spaces" before laughing at the prank she just pulled on her son.

The video has struck a chord with parents around the world. It has been viewed two-million times and has received more than 173,000 likes.

"Awww that's a great idea," one user commented on the video. Another branded it "genius". A third said they thought it was the "parent hack of the year."

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Another mom added: "I did this with Netflix, changed it to coffeeplease. Four coffees later my daughter got it."

Do you have any hilarious parenting hacks? Let Carol know by sharing your trick in the comments section below.

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