Mom apologises for her horrible wardrobe malfunction at school drop off

Mom apologises for her horrible wardrobe malfunction at school drop off

Not the most ideal way you want your kid's friends to think of you...

A woman wearing black leotard
A woman wearing black leotard/TikTok Screenshot/@emma_dilemma_88

School drop offs are something of a given for most parents. 

Totally something that goes with the job, most of the time anyway. 

And with the majority of mothers either working from home or fulfilling the role of stay-at-home mom, it is rare that you consciously decipher between outdoor clothing and indoor clothing. 

At some point they kind of mesh, because you rarely get time to make sure you look okay before dashing out of the house. 

As you know, getting the kids ready and making sure all is in order with them takes priority.

Well, that was the case for this mother who discovered her wardrobe malfunction a bit late. 

“I can’t believe this, I had no idea that this would happen when I quickly chucked on my clothes before drop-off.”

She shared her embarrassment on TikTok, "when she issued a laughter-filled apology for all those who witnessed her unique choice of outfit that morning at her son’s school." (New York Post)

WATCH her make an apology and share what she was wearing. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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The comments section was lit with funny comments from parents. 

If anything, they made her feel less embarrassed, which we love. Because it could literally happen to any one of us. 

“What school do I need to transfer kids to?” asked one dad.

“On behalf of dad’s, I can confirm that 99.99% didn’t mind! The 0.1% who did were standing with their wives and girlfriends,” quipped another.

“Bet the dads can’t wait for pick up later,” replied another.

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