Meet Kenya's first female pro-gamer: Queen Arrow

Meet Kenya's first female pro-gamer: Queen Arrow

Sylvia Gathoni is a law student by day, but by night she takes on the world of gaming by showcasing her expertise in the fighting game, 'Tekken 7'.

Sylvia G Green Arrow

Today's edition of African Buzz features a sport very few people still know much about: eSports.

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First of all, what is eSports? 

Just like any other sport, eSports refers to the competitive and organised world of video gaming.

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Gamers end up competing against each other in leagues and major competitions by playing games such as 'Fortnite', 'Call of Duty', and 'Tekken 7'.

The sport is quite male-dominated but females are making their mark and carving out their own space in the eSports world.

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Enter Sylvia Gathoni, known in the industry as Queen Arrow.

While most of us imagine gamers sitting at home all day, in front of computers or Playstations, Sylvia is not your average gamer-girl.

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Not only is she Kenya's first female pro-gamer, but she is conquering the gaming world while studying and working toward a law degree!

Carol Ofori spoke to Sylvia about her gaming journey and how she manages to balance it all.

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

Main image courtesy of Sylvia Gathoni Official Twitter

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