Meet the ‘World’s Sexiest Grandmother’

Meet the ‘World’s Sexiest Grandmother’

Gina Stewart, 50, has been dubbed the 'World’s Sexiest Grandmother'. She gets candid about how she stays young.

Gina Stewart

Meet Gina Stewart – a fifty-year-old woman from Australia who has become a social media phenomenon. This is thanks to her accounts where she isn’t afraid to post some racy images.

Gina quickly amassed close to 300,000 followers on Instagram and has left many followers stunned when she revealed that she is both fifty and a grandmother!

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Despite being a mother of four – two girls and two boys – and a grandmother of two, Gina has worked hard to keep her body young and is revealing some of her secrets as she plans for her shoot of a lifetime.

“I truly believe in the power of mind over matter. A good hack is having peace of mind, being aware of what stresses me and reducing that stress as much as possible,” Gina tells Daily Star. “If I get overwhelmed or stressed I create a peaceful space within myself and re-charge."

Gina admits that she goes walking regularly, drinks plenty of water, and tries to stick to a healthy diet. “I live near the beach and love to go for barefoot beach walks daily. Ten thousand steps a day is important and helps me feel good mentally,” she says. “I also always drink plenty of water and eat antioxidants. Blueberries are my go to fruit.”

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The model adds that she keeps an eye on her portion sizes as well and makes important decisions when it comes to the food she eats. “I have eliminated all gluten from my diet and feel so much better having small meals with basic healthy foods,” Gina continues. “I believe you are what you eat, feel and think. All of it is feeding yourself on every level every day."

Fame and good looks certainly run in her family as her brother is New Zealand-Australian actor Aaron Jeffrey. The Logie Award winner has acted in movies such as ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, ‘Water Rats’, and more.

Image courtesy: Instagram

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