The magic of Africa: Baby gorillas, Nigerian teens, and oblivious buffaloes

The magic of Africa: Baby gorillas, Nigerian teens, and oblivious buffaloes

What's going on in Africa this week?

Africa arid barren bush
Africa arid barren bush/Pexels

It is Heritage Month and we wanted to celebrate our African heritage by celebrating stories that represent a key part of Africa - our stunning surroundings. 

This week we saw the naming ceremony of baby Gorillas in Rwanda, an important celebration of nature. The Kwita Izina ceremony is the only one of its kind and associates both local and "international communities towards conservation of the living gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas)." (Rwanda Gorilla)

Even Prince Charles named one of the baby Gorillas, the little one's name in English means 'Harmony'. 

One of the greatest things about technology is that it allows the youth to experiment with ways to make our world a better place. Essentially making our lives better too. 

This story was really inspiring as three teenagers from Nigeria came together to create an application that helps with climate change.

"The team has created 'EarthExp' which combines information about environmental trends with social networking and games. Users create a city but need to consider how the environment might affect it as it develops." (Africa News)

And then as we move into celebrating some wins for Africa, the reality of the wild slaps us in the face. A video released on Latest Sightings' page showed a herd of buffalo completely oblivious to a lioness.

The buffalo come close to graze in a dry grass patch and don't see the well camouflaged lioness, who is ever so ready to make her move. 

If anything, this is the knock into reality that we sometimes don't realise we need. The knock that reminds us that sometimes danger is right in front of us and we walk around unaware...

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